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We all have goals that we want to achieve, but we don’t always know where to start, or how to get to the next level. No matter what your goal, or fitness level. We have a program for you!
Based on over 10 year’s experience in the fitness and strength industry, personal training thousands of clients and athletes in house and online. We’ve taken what really works and packaged it in a simple, easy to follow, effective and affordable plan.

No matter what your goal, MPG Online has a program developed for you!


What You Get

Access to the program of your choice on the mpg online training app program will be loaded onto your calender in the prescribed training split full video library of all exercises used in the programs tracking your workouts, showing previous weeks weight used, personal bests etc

Smartwatch synchronization, mpg online will automatically gather information from your smartwatch app and my fitness pal to display your steps, calories consumed, sleep and so much more, all in one place. Track your body composition and progress via the built in calculator and progress picture area goal setting access to the mpg online community via private facebook and whatsapp group.


How It Works

Step 1

Join the team by selecting one of our online training subscriptions. Follow the steps which will include collecting your details and payment.

Step 2

After payment and filling in your information. you will receive an email which will assist you in setting up your mpg online account as well as the download links for android and apple. follow the steps and login to the mpg online training application.

Step 3

Once you’ve logged into the mpg online training app you will see that your program has been loaded starting on the upcoming Monday. the program is loaded in the recommended splits and schedule. however, you can complete the workouts at your own pace.

Step 4

Follow MPG’s tried and tested programs, each workout will include warmups, activation work as well as mobility work. we focus on all aspects of movement and strength for you to reach your full potential. it is recommended that you track your weights and reps for each movement so that you can measure your progress as you go. it is also very helpful as you will see your previous weeks weights and rep ranges so you can push yourself harder each week. your 1 rep maxes will automatically be calculated as your proceed with the program so you can see how your strength improves. The app has a build in progress tracking area where you can track and view your body composition which will include body fat composition, lean mass and fat mass as well as progress pictures so you can see the results in your physique as well. It is recommended to do this weekly or at least once every two weeks to track your progress. We also offer nutrition coaching on our coaching section.

 Get motivation and support from our elite coaches in the private group where you can ask questions, share videos for technique analysis.

How To Choose A Program

Our mpg online training programs are all based on a combination of strength training, body building training, functional training and movement and mobility work.


No matter what program you choose, you will get stronger, leaner and move better.


If you looking for a strength specific training protocol, then look into our powerlifting and strongman programs which have been tried and tested by Ricardo Barreto, coach to multiple national champion powerlifters, multiple national powerlifting record holders as well as multiple African strongman titles including athletes competing at the highest level in strength sports, the infamous world’s strongest man.


If you are looking into aesthetics and would like to improve your physique, you can look into the lean muscle programs (available for men and women) for the more advanced version you can look into the mpg bikini body or for men the power builder program.


If your goal is to lose fat and get lean, or you are just starting out in the gym, our fat loss programs are the way to start. there are men’s and lady’s programs available, as well as gym and home-based versions.


We also have more specific protocols like bench press and deadlift protocol, for athletes who would like to focus on a single movement.


If you have something more specific in mind, you can schedule a consultation with one of our trainers and inquire about our personalized coaching in the coaching section.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

 I’ve been training at Muscle Pro Gym for about 4 years now and I’ve never been happier and more confident with my own body.
These trainers definitely know what they are doing .I trained for about 1 year before I competed in my first bodybuilding show in 2018.
I took 1st place in the Beach Bikini division and also won overall that year. The same year I fell pregnant and they were able to still coach me throughout the entire pregnancy with safe workouts and good nutrition plans. As soon as I got my 6 week clearance after my C – Section I couldn’t wait to start again. It has been 1 year since the birth of my son and my body changed tremendously. Looking forward to many more achievements at MPG!

San-Marie van Rensburg

NABBA Beach Bikini Champion + NABBA Overall Bikini Champion

The day I walked into MPG, was life changing. I have been to several Gyms in my life but not one made me feel like I really belong. I always knew that I wanted to do either bodybuilding or powerlifting since i was a little boy. At mpg I can do both. Ricardo is the best coach I know with years of experience.

All the other athletes and people who train there are the best people to be around with. We all motivate each other to do and to be our best and we really feel like family.

Janko Kruger


I became a member at MPG in January 2019. The atmosphere and facilities provide everything needed to have a complete training routine. Ive received the best training I have ever had in my life. The trainers are extremely friendly and consistently provide individualised attention to each and every member, even going the extra mile by providing routines that can be done at home friendly or while travelling or on holiday. They also check on members regularly when they’ve been unable to train. Every session is different and I leave feeling great! The trainers really push, motivate and help each member to achieve their goals. MPG is perfect for people of any fitness level as programmes are tailored to each individual’s needs. I highly recommend MPG or the online MPG app. I have improved in strength and fitness levels dramatically and have achieved goals that I would have never imagined I could have achieved without the encouragement from the trainers.
Sarah Irmgard


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